dealsseagate backup plus 4tb desktop usb 3.0 external…


Offer Expires on 12/07/2013. The other option is a 10% off printable in-store coupon that would make it $116.99. I ordered online, so I can't be certain the in-store coupon would apply.


Tried to get one...they are out of stock.


too bad, its out off stock!!
no have at this price!!
no way!!



I purchased this drive about oh, a month ago.. I'm not so thrilled.. and if you notice the reviews are not that great, you actually only get a little over 3 gigs with the software they have installed on it, which is not removable, and it's a standard drive, if I had to do over again I'd get this, and maybe someone could look into crowd sourcing this drive for us:

HGST Touro™ Desk Pro 4 TB External Drive by HGST - Costco

THIS ONE IS 7200RPM AND expandable (ie, you can stack them) and the reviews are all 5 star. costco has it for 189.00 I think it's a steal at that, and will probably get one next time my husband goes into the valley UNLESS you folks can get it for us :)


If you have a local store, you can check with them. Every area I looked up just now said either "not sold at this location" or "low stock clearance item." I'm surprised they're clearing these out. Must be something new coming soon.


@eossipov: How can the software take up almost a gig of space?????


@eossipov: You said, "you actually only get a little over 3 gigs with the software they have installed on it, which is not removable." Are you referring to the 4TB drive in the deal or the 3TB drive the person you were replying to mentioned? If you mean the 4TB, what prevents the purchaser from formatting the drive?


@tagunter: you gotta be kidding, I run Adobe (the full package) and I run MS Dev Studio

That's about all I can fit on my 300GIG internal drive.. just those two pieces of software.. oh, and Office..which is again HUGE.. I have one roaming profile which was at 186GIGS and then I had/have a local profile which is just over 100gigs...

I keep the external Terabytes just for images/graphics/illustrations etc.

If you want to keep your speed on your computers, you should never run your drives over 75% of their space, i.e. when it gets to being 75% full, you're done, don't install anything more, it WILL slow your computer down... and honestly, 60% is even better on a normal drive.


@tagunter: I have this drive (amazon 129 prime deal a few days back). This is a regular 5900 RPM 4TB drive. It formats out to 3.63TB and seagate has about 600mb of software/help videos that are completely erasable, I know because I just did it.
The drive is slower to write to than my other usb 3.0 drives by about 7MB/s. which I assume is the 5900 speed. So far it is used to backup an internal 4TB drive and works fine for that purpose.
If this deal was still good I would have bought another.


I love these Seagate drives. I have 7 Seagate drives ranging in size from 2TB to 4TB to host my TV shows and movies on my three cloud engines that I can access from my phone, tablet or web browser. Since they are used for archiving and are always on, their reliability is important and that's why I rely on Seagate.


I bought this exact drive from through ebay a week ago and so far I am very happy with it. Good speeds, no weird noises, feels sturdy.

Only minor annoyance is no power button.