dealswilly wonka and the chocolate factory 40th…


one of the best movies ever! i wonder what the bonus features etc. are.


Found a list of extras included:

Delectable Documentary Pure Imagination: The Story of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Theatrical Trailer
Mouth-Watering Commentary with the Wonka Kids
4 Scrumptious Sing-Along Songs
Tasty Vintage Featurette


What happens if you find a golden ticket?


They include your very own oompa loompa


Judging from the prices on Amazon, it looks like the single-disc Blu-Ray editions are out-of-print (they are all higher priced than this box set). Amazon's "low-price" for this box set is currently $45.49 (SRP $64.99).


The oompa-loompas still freak me out. My brother and I ran out of this movie scared out of our minds when we saw it! We couldn't handle it when Charlie and his Grandpa were gonna get mangled by the fans (if I'm remembering that correctly), I'm not sure I've seen it all the way through since.