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0 comments and -73 votes? Everyone is just jumping on the bandwagon again, huh...


Whatever shows up in that last spot automatically gets shat upon whether it's deserved or not. No one knows why. If you ask any of these people who gave it a negative, they couldn't tell you why they did. So far, 73 people couldn't.


why they will do that with out explaining why...?

74 coward so far.. and yes! please! Minus points for me! because makes me feel better!


yah -74 not one could say why....


@disord3r: I see this sort of comment all the time, but unless you looked at the order when the deals were first posted before any ratings, you wouldn't know what order they were posted in. They are sorted by rating, so once the ratings come in, the deal on the bottom will always have the lowest score.