dealsapen digital recording wireless pen (new) for $39…


Does anyone have one of these and what can you say about your expieriance with it? What are it's limitations? And of course, what can it do?


I have the A3 (Android), which I use with an Entouredge Dualbook. Obtaining the app was something of a challenge, but the gadget itself works great. I am beginning to wonder how long the dinky ballpoint refills last, and where I might obtain more, but I've found it to be quite useful.

A friend with an iPad looked at the A4 but decided he could do as well with a cheap app and a stylus, and take notes directly on his iPad screen rather than on paper. I'm a bit envious...but not enough to make me buy an iPad.


Where can I find the user manual?


Must resist...but I already have free shipping today...must resist fun gadget for my gadget! Help me resist!


I love the concept. I had nearly the same setup for the computer, forgot the brand, but it was $100 or so. Very finicky as to where you write, the lighting above the surface, etc. I was disappointed and returned it. I don't know if the ones with the little dots on special paper work better. I wound up just buying a graphics pad and using freeware, which works ok. The price is right to try it, though, you may have better luck.


Does anyone know what format it saves the file as? Is it any different than taking a picture of your writing?



It is in the first link.

On the top of the page it says 11 matches > under this it says "Other Results" >

User Guide for Zyxel P- 2802HWL - l 1 / P- 2802HWL- l 3

Just under it says "Download the Document" in bright blue letters.

Click on the red box with the down facing arrow.


@computiac: I did that. It does not work. I even created an account. Then it goes not another screen that wants to download a PDF software - not the PDF document itself. Without creating an account it shows "You have no saved manuals. Click the 'Add more manuals' button to find manuals"

It is not clear why apen could not make the manual available on their website. I had emailed them with no response.

Thank you for your help.



I tried it myself and can't download it either. I have had a account with them for 3 years and never a problem.

Tried several different ways to get a copy for you but, as you know for some reason it is not available. Maybe you should skip this purchase ?

I just bought a "Bamboo Capture" pen tablet.They are available on

Sorry I could not help more, just ran out of options.


@computiac: Really really appreciate your help.
For me total cost comes to $48.93 to Clifornia. So, ended up buying a 4GB Livescribe from Amazon. Already using the basic Wacom tablet from best buy but feeling is not as good as on paper and very samll work area.

aPen is very similar to Dane pen, telefunken pen, iogear, inote or staetdlar digital pen. Kind of clone of each other with different branding names.

I shall get one from eBay and post the manuals, etc online on my webpage. Thanks guys.