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I don't buy from Walmart, but Newegg has a pretty decent deal as well, $20 more, but it's got the Iron Egg, so they should price match Walmart's deal.

Note on the Iron Egg price matching: The cost difference will be credited to you in the form of a Newegg promotional gift card.


We have had this tv for about 2 years now. The tv has been used for at least an hour just about every single day (some days quite a few more hours lol) and the picture is as sharp, bright, and crystal clear as the day we bought it. I highly recommend this tv. If ours died today, wed buy this exact same one again.


I bought this tv just over a year ago and am happy I did. The picture is sharp and colors bright. The refresh rate is the only thing I wish I had upgraded, when watching sports I get some shadowing and pixelating, but most tv shows look great.


@superbotman: That tv has a different model number. Newegg isn't going to price match it.


I've also had this for a little over two years as our bedroom set and it was worth the little bit I paid for it. So far the only problem is a single dead pixel towards the top. It's hardly noticeable, and my understanding is that you can get dead pixels from the top brands. If I had to struggle for something negative to say, I guess I could point out that the setup menu is a little unintuitive. It was annoying the two or three times I had to use it.