dealsentertainment coupon books liquidation 2 for $10…


Just want to say I screwed up on this one, its not free shipping its 1$/per item. Still amazing deal in savings 6$ for hundreds of pages worth of coupons.


The Book expires Nov 1st.
Shipping = 10-14 Days
So, you have 3 months to use it.


OK, You dont have to wait for snail mail, as soon as you purchase you get access to coupons online


Before purchase I checked the map for deals.
Items advertised for "FREE" like, "FREE MEDIUM PIZZA"....
Then I buy the Coupon books and look up deal and its "Buy one Get one Free"

Same scam on several deals.


Meh I got one for myself and an OC one for my sister...even if I use it a couple times for 1/2 off tickets to local tourist attractions it will pay for itself!


One of the deals advertised on the map:
(Copy/Paste in browser or it goes to Dallas) for FREE ticket to "The Aerospace Museum"

Then after I bought the book, the real deal is "Buy one Get one Free"

You can get a deal like that in the newspaper.... I dont need to BUY a coupon for THAT.
Same goes for the BOGO "FREE" Pizza....that deal is delivered to my mailbox.

I am single, I dont need ANY BOGO DEALS, for craps sake.

Too late to down vote, I upvoted based on their dishonest ads.


It will take forever to get a refund.
They could have put a hold on my order and refunded my credit card after my email last night.
Instead, I find out when I called them BEFORE 9 AM today, that its too late, they already mailed the book to me and that I will have to wait (10-14 days) to get it and mail it back to them then wait for them to get it then wait for them to process my refund.

All because they lied.


By the definition of what they said, it wasn't a "Lie" or "false advertising" the fact still remains that you get something free... Personally I don't understand your obsession with updating your complaint on a 5$ purchase every day...


@tonyc8025: Its simple, I dont want anybody else to get ripped off.
a) Its NOT just a $5 purchase, its $12... you HAVE to buy 2 books min. and shipping is $2.

b) The un-viewable deal (before paying) for SEVERAL items were listed as free, unconditionally...Then, after they get your money it costs you $15 or so for a Medium Pizza PLUS the cost of the Coupon Book (which you dont really need because the same coupon comes in my mail box every week).

c) The same thing for Der Weinerschnitzel, "FREE Polish Dog"..... then after they get my money, it's buy one get one.

I live alone, I dont need ANY buy one get one deals.

Oh yeah, then I get an email this afternoon, "Suck it!!" (Paraphrase) "No Refunds on this deal" (Exact quote)


@danieleg: Its a liquidation sale... of course there's no refunds...


@tonyc8025: Really? I dont think the BBB cares if it's a liquidation, because there's fraud involved in taking my money.

Another lie: They said they mailed it 2 days ago (Before 9 AM Pacific, about 10 hours after sale completed.)..... I just got tracking saying they shipped it today.


I REALLY wish I could change my up vote on the OP.
The "year may be half done" is inaccurate; the year is 3/4 done.
The book expires Nov 1st.
That leaves Aug/Sept/Oct