dealsadditional 25% off your order at sierra trading…


I like this site a lot! Too bad I don't need anything from them, but they have great deals. My only gripe is that they send me catalogs in the mail all the time. If I want something, I'll look it up online, not impulse-buy from a catalog. They go straight into the recycle bin, waste of their resources...but I still buy stuff from them online. Good customer service and great deals on outdoor products, shoes, and clothing!


They also tend to run some pretty good deals, I'm happy to get a little more off the top!


@turtlegir1: They used to have an address in their catalog to report duplicate mailings. If it's still there, it can probably be used to stop receiving the paper copies.


If you don't want catalogues, sign up with Catalogue Choice. It's free, and it works.


I looooooooooove Sierra Trading Post, but already have a huge order on the way.

I probably ordered 40 items (tents, luggage, Lafuma chairs, lambswool blankets, boots, clothing, sunglasses, jewelry) from Sierra in 2011 and had absolutely nothing I wanted to return! Wonderful products & great pricing.. love the additional discounts that they email.

They also have a no-hassle six month return policy. I know I sound like I work for them, but I promise I don't!


We have been buying stuff out of the Sierra Trading Post catalog forever. Always have really good deals, 25% off makes it even more awesome.


While I love STP and buy lots of things from them, if you sign up for their emails they will often (a couple times a month) have sight wide discounts of 35%, and certain items up to 80% off of retail, in addition to free or cheap ($2.50) shipping on orders over $75.

So, if you need some gear today, go for the woot sale. If you want a tremendous deal, sign up for their emails and be patient!

Now if only we could get some snow in the Midwest so we could break in all of the snowshoes Santa got for the whole family from STP.


Don't forget they offer free return shipping. They actualy ship everything with a return shipping lable in the box.


Another fan of Sierra Trading Post here!! Have already ordered several items at ridiculously low prices, they all arrived quickly and in great condition. I've ordered over a dozen T-shirts from them (Marked as "seconds") and I have yet to find a single flaw in ANY of them. With discounts I paid about $2.50 ea.

As others have mentioned each order COMES with a pre-paid return label if you need to send anything back...they have one of THE best return policy of any company I have ever dealt with.


Count me in as a fan. And at least their catalogs are small and thin. Land's End and LL Bean (although I love them, too) are also chronic catalog senders, and they're substantially larger.


on the website for EVERYONE TO USE IS code SITEKEEP112 gets you 20% off everything, and cant be stacked with this woot deal of 25% so really this woot deal is 5% off

10.95 shipping for sunglasses?? lol

5% is not a woot deal IMO


STP does not provide free return shipping but a prepaid return shipping label;$5.95 (lower 48)will be deducted from the amount of your refund or credit.


It's funny. I just used their give $10 get $10 to buy new ski pants last week. Of course I gave $10 and got $10 from my own email addresses so I had another $10 waiting for me to use. I just used this 25% with the $10 I had waiting for me together to get a new ski jacket. Now I just need to go skiing.


@fit410s: That code on the website is 20% off orders over $100, with certain items excluded.

The Woot coupon is 25% off with no minimum, and as far as I can tell, no exclusions.


I love STP and their 45% off their already reduced sales. Bought some $95 Chaco's for $22 right before Christmas!!