dealszombie apocalypse protection for $349.00


I like Gerber. I own more of their knives, multitools and flashlights than I can count without physically rounding them all up. But why the Zombie nonsense? couldn't they sell the kit if they called it the extreme hunting camp kit?


On the TnT series TheWalkingDead they found one of these Gerber Kits, Then hacked away at a zillion zombies.

Call it what you want but I know the true use is for zombie killing.


@azvinnie:The zombie fans must outnumber the camp fans


@azvinnie: Zombies are hella bankable these days. Even the CDC has gotten in on the action, and it doesn't get much stuffier than those guys.


I actually won a a couple of them from a contest Gerber had. They are really nice and sturdy machetes


Love Gerber tools. I still have the original Gerber knife I got over a decade ago, despite being dropped off a mountain, lost in a creek, and so forth. I'm going to need a lot better deal than $350 plus handling to shell out the cash for the complete yard work, er, zombie killing kit, however.


A cool package, but the chesy zombie stuuf is kinda meh. However, if the zombies got their rotten hands on these my lawn (and brains) would be toast! This worries me, I'll have to ask my neighbor Dave if can sell me anything to upgrade my tall-nuts!


The Walking Dead is a series on AMC, not TNT, just sayin.


I prefer the Walking Dead/Zombie marketing over the Bear Grylls marketing. I have nothing against him or the show at all but I wouldn't want show up with an orange BG knife.

Also, it's not really a deal as the $349 is the MSRP for the pack. Though, I guess you can call it a deal if it's cheaper than buying them all separately.


I love Gerber and have a bunch of their tools, but.......

How is this a deal? This is the normal price and shipping is not free.