dealsv for vendetta, watchmen, & constantine - blu-ray…


@spaz22: It's only showing at $9.99 with prime shipping for me. Anything less has shipping added putting it at or above $10. How did you get it for $7 with prime shipping?


@thiney49: sorry, very poor choice of words on my part ( kid was fussing and I was in a hurry) . target with tax and shipping was $13.33 where amazon prime made the collection $9.99.


@spaz22: FYI: Target ships free if you use its "Target Red Card" to make the purchase.

fez fez

What a coincidence. My TiVo decided to record this as a suggestion tonight. It's on BBC America. It's got commercials, and it has a huge bug in the corner, but at least they are showing it letterboxed.


Great find. My young brother's favorite.


got this a few weeks ago on amazon for $15.99, just returned it, got a gift card refund, then re-ordered this along with Alien Anthology (which with the 6 bucks of extra credit was only $14!) I love amazon! XD