dealsmicrosoft xbox 360 live 3 month gold card for $12…


Yeah.. this is a decent price for what it is, but you're definitely WAY better off buying 1-year cards.. because chances are you're not going to play for 3 months, then stop :).
Unless you have a specific reason you're buying only 3 months at a time..

1-year card: ~$30 on sale

1 year of 3-month cards: 4 (cards) x $12.99 = $51.96

So you're saving about $22 bucks buying the 1 year card.


I have never seen a 1 month card for 30$. The 35.99 is costing me 6$ in shipping which is robbery.


one year cards haven't been $30 since the price hike. However, I usually pick them up around $35+/- on sale, w/free shipping. The object is to plan ahead and buy when you see a good sale. My subscription ends sometime in 2014 now...

These would probably make good stocking stuffers for someone...


@hodakaroadtoad: The best deal I've seen since the price hike (and probably before) was $8 for three months at Best Buy last Black Friday. I bought five years worth.


I agree with what the others have said, unless you plan on just using Xbox live for 3 months and then not use it again this would be an ok deal but you are much better off purchasing a 1 year card at $30-$35 and saving $20+.


Anyone know if that site mentioned amddigitaltechnologies is a good site or not. I need a 12 month card like asap so looking for best deal. Prefer a site that will email code to you. I believe it is way better finding a deal on a 12 month card opposed to buying 3 month.


I've seen a lot of people order from this company. I just checked their site and they are sold out.


@joe43wv The shipping on the one you linked was 6 bucks= not a deal. Glad I stacked a few years back when you could get them on sale for 23.95-26.00.


@hodakaroadtoad: Yeah they have.. a bunch of times. Actually, since the "price hike" they've hit some pretty close to all-time lows for the past few years.. (definitely not as cheap as the $23-ish cards of ol' though heh)

This is from 3 months ago ($29 bucks)

Which actually reminds me that I need to renew next sale :D