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just curious, why is this downrated? it looks like an allright site. are they a spambot after they get your email or something?


Absolutely, 100% not. (Arthur at MaxwellsAttic)


@hoffmanbike: If experience is anything to go by I've noticed that jewelry deals tend to generate downvotes, with no explanation of why in the comments section.


My guess is that buying jewelry online has been a bad experience for others in the past. I know my gf/now wife was not happy when I did it - usually you end up with decent gems but cheap settings, chains, or bands. Also it's hard on the web to see the actual size of the piece. I learned my lesson and buy jewelry in person.


I downvoted because this is simply not a deal. either this is Murano glass or "murano" glass, i.e. it is either made on a small island close to Venice, Italy, and is suspiciciously cheap, or it is cheap factoiry produced knockoff in the murano "style" of glass that I can go to my local mall and buy from guy with a stall for $1 a piece.


@gingaskunk: 100% Authentic Murano Glass and not "inspired" by Murano. It is Venetiaurum® Murano which has imbedded precious metals in them. (Arthur at MaxwellsAttic)


Please see here for more information on Venetiaurum®.


I have to agree with @offline999 and say that Jewelry (of any type) tends to generate downvotes. That being said, this does appear to be a good deal. I truly believe that anyone that is tempted by any offer should not look at the up/downvotes unless someone can explain why they feel it's a bad deal. Most people don't vote on the deal itself, but rather how much it appeals to them directly.


@thefenst: Quoting the text from the company's site (which in turn is quoted on the poster's site) doesn't really do a whole lot for me in terms of verification of these specific items being authentic Murano glass.

My sister collects Murano, most of which she buys while traveling to Italy. The pieces she has are extremely intricate and detailed, much like the items illustrated on, and much not like those in the posted deals.

I'm making no particular judgment about the legitimacy of the posted deal, since I'm not an expert and it's difficult to tell quality on a website. I do, however, note that I personally would be disinclined to buy these items based on the images and prices. I find them too expensive for costume jewelry and too inexpensive for the Murano in my sister's collection.