dealslolshirts valentine’s day sale: all love shirts…


I downvoted it since a lot of these shirt ideas are stolen from other t-shirt companies/sites.


@jeffcazier: I don't know, I went to the site, picked a shirt, put in the promo code, and that's how much it came up for.


I thought most of them were tacky, and I wouldn't buy or expect the spouse to wear one.

On the other hand, he loved the "Trophy Husband" shirt, but we both balked at paying close to $20 for one. Given the neat sale price today, I just bought one for a Valentine's surprise for him.


Might be better off checking out and snagging some great shirts from your fellow Wooters.


@bluejester: Yes! Just try and find a tv show or even a commercial where a white husband is right about something. I hate to introduce race but seriously look for it and you'll see.


These are the tackiest shirts I've ever seen. I'd be embarrassed to wear them to Walmart.


It's the deals.woot rule of sponsored deals - there must be at least one deal in the negatives (preferably two) for aesthetics purposes.


"I downvoted because I don't agree with the message they put on their shirts."

Mature. For those who happen to disagree with you, this is a good deal.


@bluejester: It's refreshing to see this point of view. For a while, I thought I was the only one who was disgusted by this...

That's why that one Klondike bar commercial is so.... refreshing!


@bluejester: my wife told me to down vote too


@realgeorgew: How'd you get a V.D. shirt for $4.99 (shipping included), when Woot says it's $7.29 plus shipping (after promo code)??

I buy shirts from Tanga (aka LOL Shirts) quite a bit, and I know they're having a closeout on select Tees rite now for $4.99, but that does NOT include these Valentine's Day t-shirts being promo'ed on Woot!

Also..... here's a better link to get directly to the Valentine's section at LOL/Tanga. The link Woot provides just takes you to their homepage.

I downvoted this promo because that's totally lame to sell dorky t-shirts for Valentine's Day!!! Instead.... I recommend you go to Tanga's website and buy some "intimate" lingerie:
... or a "sassy and alluring costume":


@bluejester: I see your point, but the "I'd agree with you but then we'd both be wrong" one is pretty funny.


I downvoted because I dislike the whole "husband is an idiot'" trope, whether on a tee shirt or in a commercial or a movie. The coupon may be decent, but I don't care to help a site sell more of a product that I find demeaning.


Not sure why this is getting downvoted, I've used the site a handful of times and haven't had an issue. The promo code brought the price(with shipping) to just under $5. I'll be picking up a few.