deals3 lightweight camo safari hats for $9.99 + free…


"camo for all occasions!" No. I respect you, belyndag, but camo as a fashion statement is a joke. The hat may be nice for hunting, but please never wear this in public.


Y'all must not be from the South. I'm not saying I, personally, would wear it, but most people around my neck of the woods - oh yeah. Daily, In Public.


@hot72chev: True, that! Even though nobody in my family hunts, they still wear camo a lot. It would be hard NOT to wear camo since the stores are heavily stocked with the stuff, especially this time of year!


@hot72chev: I'm from Kentucky, and I agree camo is popular, but Uggs and Justin Bieber were also popular. Huge turbo diesel pickups are popular for people who live in an apartment within a few miles of work... Sales aren't always a good judge of fashion.


@kev50027: I agree! Like I said, I personally would not wear it. But our friend @belyndag does post good deals. It takes all kinds and many folks are into this kinda thing.


@hot72chev: LOL! Thanks!

And @kev50027: Just to clarify, I don't own a single bit of camo "fashion" myself. My son has some shorts in camo, and my sister gave my daughter some camo bikini briefs when she turned 15 (to, er, hide her private parts), but that's all of the camo stuff in my house. Nevertheless, when I'm out shopping it doesn't surprise me a bit to see folks decked out as if they are trying to hide from a herd of deer. Of course, I usually shop at Walmart so.........


I think it may be just fit safari or hunting.


These would be good for yard work. Anything to keep the Texas sun off the back of my neck!