dealssamsung 32gb class 10 sdhc memory card waterproof…


Magnet proof? Isn't this a bit like saying that they are fat-free and cholesterol-free as well?
Sandisk says that all of their SD cards are magnet-proof. Are there any cards that aren't?
Or is it just that this Samsung card has actually been tested in an MRI? And why would
anyone want to take an SD card into an MRI?


After reading that for it's headline, I felt compelled to scan through the product description just on the off chance that they described it as being far more wear-resistant than tape drives...


But is it delicious AND nutritious?


Will it stay crunchy in milk?


OK, despite the stupid marketing claims above (which are true of EVERY memory card ever made), this is a pretty good deal. 32GB Class 10 memory cards are currently priced about $30-$40+, with one $24 card I found from an off-brand.

I\n\ \f\o\r\ \t\w\o.\ SOLD OUT.


Do these cards have gluten?? Should say in the title...