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Who the h*ll thought it was a good idea to put the volume button on the sub?

Yes your computer has a little volume in the bottom right of the screen and hot keys to reduce it but just being able to reach over and twist a knob sure is nicer!

Knob heads!!!


@outer78: Because that's where the amplifier is. That's where it always is, if there is one.


@videowallart: wrong, my ev sonic xs has a 6in sub with the amp in the back of the box and the vol, bass/treble and balance are on the right speaker face. putting it on the sub was a way of cheaping out.


Seeing that its merely a desktop computer speaker set, putting the all the volume switches in the same spot would make it more convenient.

If you want something more complex, then your looking for a 5.1 and up. This is not the set for you.


@videowallart: Then why can a lot of Logitech's speakers over the years use the handy remote?

My sub is under my desk with the little remote attachment on top. A LOT more convenient for computer speakers.


@outer78: The more expensive and hard to find Logitech systems have a remote, but the bass still needs to be adjusted manually. High end Home Theatre systems need manual adjusted subs because they have their own power source seperate from the speakers.