dealsasus - 10" netbook - 1gb memory - 320gb hard…


If you go to the bestbuy website and search for 10'' Eee Asus, you can find it.


Best buy is notorious for making it impossible to post their deals. Just do a search for 10" Eee PC and it’s the first netbook listed if you order price from low-to-high.

Buyer Beware: This netbook comes with Windows 7 Starter, a very stripped down version of Windows 7 which doesn't include many key features. A list of missing/unsupported features can be found here.

Also keep in mind that it only has 1GB of RAM. Most of the bad reviews are from users who are frustrated due to the lack of RAM. I'd highly recommend upgrading to 2GB of RAM (max supported) if you purchase this system.

Aside from that this system wouldn't be bad as a portable web-browser/document editor. But if you want that a tablet may be a better choice for you, all you'll miss out on is the keyboard.


I haven't kept up with netbooks in a long time, but I think I remember 1.6ghz Atom, 1gb ram, 250+gb hdd netbooks going for $200 3 years ago... What makes this particular one special?