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I like this, but sadly my cat has a penchant for cheeseburgers, and thus is too large for the little house area. Anyone know of one of these suitable for a cat with more of a Wal-Mart physique?


This one looks to fit chubby cats

Pricing is not totally Walmart cheap but this thing is usually $100 so $51.46 shipped isn't a bad price.


If you see a 52" cat, I'd run for your life!!


I wouldn't post this on others' deals but since it is @wootbot, you can get this for 5 bucks cheaper on Amazon (even with the shipping charge factored in):



Bought this last time it was on here and on sale..My 2 cats love it. It's not flimsy and was easy to put together. I'm sure it would hold a heavier cat just fine. My cats total almost 20 pounds and when they're both on it at the same time it holds up just fine.


@amlee1978: It's not so much holding weight I was thinking of, but would a chunky cat fit in that house part without getting stuck? I'm considering getting it, but wonder about that.