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In for one. I don't wear rings but I love getting stuff in the mail.


it is a PDF, what a waste!


@rfisher986: There is a PDF, but you can also request that a plastic one be mailed to you for free.


Many times I've needed one. I'm in. :)


@rfisher986: No, it is not a waste. They send a plastic one in the mail, in a padded envelope. Mine arrived a week ago, perfect condition. :) You have to read the website and find the correct section with the form to fill out and request one. Yes, there is a PDF version too...but that is most likely not what people are looking for...


How ironic, my boyfriend was just saying a couple days ago how he should know my ring size.


@jenli435: Congratulations, he's getting you a bowling ball for Christmas. :-)


In for one. Being divorced, it sucks not knowing her ring size.


Excellent - I've lost a little over 60 pounds and I have no idea what my ring size is now. I definitely needed one!


Does anyone else ever wonder what retailers think - when they have a massive influx of orders for one specific item, for absolutely no apparent reason? heh...I do.

I know I'd be pretty damn confused if I saw a ring sizer that normally gets ordered 40 times a day get ordered 900 times out of nowhere :)

I'd also wonder what that massive group of people was planning on doing with the ring sizer..


@drchops: measuring your noodles, duh.

Spaghetti noodles...


Most popular men's ring size is a 9.... really? My ring finger size is a 12, LOL.

In for one though, I'd love to know what my thumb and index sizes are.


My ring size is a 13. Can be a pain finding cool rings that fit right. Though not as bad as my fiancee's just-a-hair-over-size-5-but-not-quite-5.5-so-one-is-too-tight-and-the-other-falls-off


I have no idea when I'm going to use this but I'm sure that its just one of those things you should have regardless of your gender.

Plus...come on, its free! what else could you ask for?


@starknightgoku: Try a Europian sizing set. I have a standard american one and a europian metric one. The metric ones are slighty different and have sizes like: -5, 5, 5+, -5.5, 5.5, +5.5, etc... or at least the ones I had to buy for college silversmithing classes do.


@ anthos: Totally agree. In for one. I'm sure I'll find it handy someday. ;)


In for one -- hey, every little bit to help keep the USPS in business!

smj smj

why not. in for one. thanks!


I requested a free plastic ring sizer too!


I ordered mine a couple business days ago, and shipped surprisingly promptly and safely all the way from seattle very quickly. Lol you get a ring sizer and a piece of paper advertising their company. Pretty nifty.