dealshp quad-core 8gb ddr3 1tb hd desktop (refurbished…


This looks like a pretty good deal... I'm tempted...


This isn't an H8, but I still H8 it...


I just bought one. Hope I don't regret it. Current desktop crashing a lot-it is 8 years old.


In for one, last one I got on woot was almost identical but was i5 and had no wireless card, glad to see this one is already set!


Hmm the max memory it can support is 8 gb, so it is already maxed out. Bit of a bummer...


I play diablo 3, will this computer run it well? The computer I have now is old as hell :-/


@jayrookie: Not great, but relatively decent.


Ummm read the reviews from people who bought at best buy this thing sounds like a nightmare

Though I am on the fence I need a desktop for school work, running on a compaq laptop right (blah)


@dednkicking: a wet nightmare perhaps?

"Average Customer Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (160 Reviews)
86% of reviewers would recommend this product to a friend (138 out of 160)"

Yet scrolling thru the 1st page of reviews, those say it is. The earlier ones must have been REALLY good to make for the latter ones to get a 4.3 score??


@spacelunatic: 2nd page of reviews are all positive.

FWIW: I have several HP refurb desktops and have not had any issues. Typing this on one that is a couple yrs old. I can't buy the parts this cheap!


@spacelunatic: If i buy this one and it craps out on me can I have one of yours cause if not the risk is too great, especially usually for those of us that make barely above min. wage


The same refurbished model is selling at Walmart for $398.00, and for $459.99 from Fry's. So Woot is going to save you at least $43, depending on whether or not Walmart is shipping for free.

I too am tempted to buy. My 2004-era Sony Vaio is useless now, and my laptop just doesn't do it for me on the small screen. I would like for this HP model to have HDMI, just as an option, but my 22" 5-year old LCD monitor still works fine, and it only has DVI and VGA, so lack of HDMI doesn't matter to me in the short term.

The bad reviews from Best Buy give me pause as well. However, this is a "refurbished" unit, so one would assume these PCs have had rigorous quality control before being shipped. This $350 tag is about the most I'd chance on a refurbed, non-Intel processor PC.


Fry's Electronics


When your sort the bestbuy review by newest date first and not by lowest rating first the unit does not look like a bad deal. I would expect to see a few that die prematurely but I only saw a few on the first few pages of reviews. I am in for one!!