dealsnon-slip hydro rug for $12.99 + shipping


Ship is calculated. For my address standard ship was calculated at $3.98.


Anybody have a real review on this item?


Imagine how nasty this 'filter' will become in short order. Hair, dirt, oil, bacteria - in short, everything that should flow straight down the drain...
It has to be a science project under foot. Woot. Bargain!


I assume this is like the "Aqua Rug", which I own and it is pretty cool actually. I don't have mine over the drain, we just use it as an anti-slip in the shower. It washes up very nicely in the washer. It honestly doesn't get moldy but it does get a little slimy in time. I usually rinse mine before I get out of the shower, just to make sure I've gotten all the shampoo and body wash out of it.

It's one of the few "As seen on TV" products that I've picked up that really lasts and does what it says. I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond for 1/2 price with a coupon, I think it ended up being under $20. It's definitely a worthwhile purchase if you have a slippery shower.


@griffinmill: Um, it's called a "washing machine".


Highly useful for collecting your baby mama's DNA in those slippery trailer showers.


Hmmm.... link doesn't seem to be working.

I've made several purchases from and have been satisfied with them all.


Connecting to the link with no issues can you try again?


@melissadrag: Thanks! I've been wanting to replace my shower mat, & your recommendation sold me on this.


@fairymz: I tried several times before I posted my comment, and I just tried again. All the links (both the button and the URL) do is bring me right back to this page. It's simple enough to get to the item by going directly to the site, but the price there is a dollar higher than here.

I'll give it a shot using IE instead of Firefox, just out of curiosity.

Edit: Great but weird: using IE, the link takes me right to the site's page!


I'd just like to say that Anisa is awesome. That is all.