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Had a highly rated amplified rabbit-ears antenna in my kitchen that worked well at times and not at all at others. One day out of frustration I bought one of these from bensoutlet and found that I was only getting about 60% of the available stations. I got 2 more for remote TVs the next time they were on sale.


Part of me thinks I should get one of these and cancel cable, but then, The Walking Dead.


It's the antenna version of (>_<)


I got one of these a while ago and have been mostly happy with it. Live out in the sticks but still get pretty good signal for all but the furthest stations (45+ miles out). Noticed last week there is an "amplified" version of this at my local Costco for about double what this one is going for.


@caisburning: I got one of these and cut the cable about 6 months ago and haven't looked back. Once you get over not watching new episodes "live" it's no big deal. They'll all show up on streaming video somewhere eventually. Even with subs to netflix, hulu, etc. I'm paying less than what Comcast was gouging me for.


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@jelainemiller: I saw the amplified one at Costco and was considering it just a few weeks ago. We don't watch much OTA tv with Netflix and Hulu so paying $40ish was a little much. This guy seems like a great deal and since we live in the city we don't have much need for an amplified antenna.


In for one! Already have one for our Panny 65VT50, so this will go on the kitchen TV. It works GREAT, better than the outdoor amplified antenna I was using. Seriously impressed that this flimsy little thing works so well.


Thank you. In for one -- will try it out.
The price seems to be really good!

Also -Thank you for the extra Promo Code. Worked like a charm


Picked one up with the discount code. It'll save me $7 a month with Uverse to not have to pay for a box for the TV I have in the basement that gets seldom use.


cancelling my dishnetwork acct in June. Netflix and one of these and i'm good to go!


Got one of these a while back. You really need to check to see what is available in your area. These are "small multidirectional antenna and are only good for the yellow signal range. Won't work in my area at all.


These antennas are UHF and optimized for lower UHF at that. Since the introduction of digital TV most stations no longer broadcast on their old analog channels. So you have to find out the actual channel.

For instance in Chicago, WMAQ is really on channel 29, though it's "virutal channel" is still channel 5. In Chicago only WBBM (old analog channel 2) still broadcasts on VHF, which is channel 12.

This is really bad in Chicago as digital TV "bounces" off highly dense building areas. So if you're in an area where a lot of the channels still broadcast on VHF (like LA) you won't find these helpful.

There is no such thing as a digital or HDTV antenna. The old rabbit ears (that look like a V) are for VHF and the loop antennas or these kind are for UHF.

VHF = channels 2-13
UHF = channels 14-51

Channels 52-69 were taken away and given to digital services like cell phones. Remember the station's virtual channel number is probably not the actual channel anymore.


@ericpost: i don't know what your talking about, but I have one of these and it gets channels 2 theough sixty-something, including the digital subchannels like 4.2, 5.2, 5.3, 7.2, 7.3, 13.2, etc... Some of the higher channels are broken into 4 or more subchannels. I don't know if your trying to say something negative about this, but if you are, you're wrong.