deals60" workbench w/ 4 drawers for $139.99


I've got one of these and have had it for about 2 years. Zero problems.


How solid is the table? Any rocking or swaying felt?
Table looks pretty good, but was just wondering if it's good as is or could realistically use some leg strengthening?


I have one, it's not high-end by any means but for the price it is pretty darn good. Add some ballast to the lower shelf (I use it to store some heavy paint cans & similar) and it is plenty stable. My biggest complaint is that the drawers are only about half-extension so it's a pain to get stuff out from the back.

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I played with one in the store and found it would be largely insufficient for planing boards. Now I accept that it's the in-store assembled demo things like this will always be hastily assembled, but it just doesn't have the guts where it needs it. Brace the snot out of it and sure you'll get it stable, but it's terribly light and you'll just push it around a fair bit if you try planing on it.

If you're just using power tools you probably be OK, but I would definitely add some extra ties on a diagonal back there. Oh, the vice racks like a mofo. It's only kinda functional in that regard.

It's probably enough of a workbench to enable you to build a workbench.


I have it and love it. I mounted casters with brakes to make it rollable and to raise the work surface a few inches. I also changed out the drawer rails so that the drawers open all the way. Without those modifications, it's a really good workbench at an excellent price and totally worth the money. With those modifications, it's truly awesomely awesome. I love the wood that it's made from, too.


@breaddrink: No swaying at all. Pound on it, use a drill press and miter saw on it. No complaints at all.


Quote from website: Overweight Item subject to $89.95 additional Freight Charge

That's a deal killer!


Given that it has a wood vice, it's intended for use with hand tools. It's not great for that. Decent enough for powertools, but not great for any sort of hand planing. Also, the vices aren't acme thread, so don't expect them to be amazing. That said, it's not a bad workbench for a good price. Expect to need to brace it a lot and provide some weight if you want to use it with handtools.


@mtm2: I would hope a drill press or miter saw wouldn't cause ANY bench to sway!


@rbward: Just saying I've got them on mine 100% of the time.