dealscold steel voyager folding knife - choose sizeā€¦


$30 for a not very good knife? here is a decent deal on a not very good knife that won't break the bank-$5 at amazon shipping yada yada:

or just save up a little and buy a Spyderco


I bought the larger one a month or so ago off of Woot and would recommend this knife. Though I think I paid about $25 for it. Its nice and sharp out of the box and seems to be well built.


I bought one from main woot last time its a pretty good knife. The large is bigger than I thought it would be. The scales are a hard plastic but extremely grippy. They are cast over steel liners on both sides of the blade with a steel stop pin to hold the blade from overtravel. A heck of a lot stronger than cheaper all plastic handles. The blade is very sharp out of the box, not a razor but close. The shape looks funky at first but in using it the belly of the blade is usefull for more delicate work. My only complaint is the locking mechanism is quite stiff out of the box and takes a few days of playing with to smooth out.


@videowallart: First, Cold Steel makes great knives. Second, the knife you linked to is made from 420 stainless steel which is the lowest grade knife material and is really just for budget knives hence the retail of $7. The Cold Steel is an AUS8 which is a pretty high quality blade material.

My big gripe with this blade is the unusual S-blade shape which is probably why it's not the big seller on the retail market and why it's here.


Specifically this is the Cold Steel Voyager Vaquero. It does have good reviews on Amazon and it looks like it uses AUS-8 steel for the blade. On the plain edge one commenter mentioned that he had issues resharpening it, as if the grind was unusual in some way. One other thing I noticed is that the clip screws appear to only go into the handle material rather than through it and into the bolster. Not sure how that will hold up over the long term for an EDC. In for one anyway just to see.


@bowlingb: The recurve portion is difficult to sharpen with most sharpening stones. That's why a lot of "knife guys" don't like recurves... a pain to sharpen. I love recurves, however, and made an excellent system for my Wicked Edge that allows me to sharpen them easily.

I have this knife. It's a very good, inexpensive knife, but I can see how some would be put off by the strange blade shape. The Tri-Ad® lock and grivory handles are both very tough and can handle abuse and edc use. Cold Steel's AUS8 heat treat is excellent and the blade takes an edge easily.