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The cg in this movie is epic, to say the least, however, the storyline could have used some work. I watched the entire movie, fell asleep a couple of times through it and had to rewind, and by the end of the movie, I still had no idea what was going on.


I haven't seen the Blu-ray, but I have heard something about it that was a turnoff: Apparently when originally making the movie, they were shortsighted enough to not be thinking beyond DVD, and rendered it at a lower resolution. When they made the "Complete" version only the edited/added scenes were done at higher resolution, so the end result is inconsistent and switches between proper high resolution and upscaled content.


While it is true that some of the content was created before blu-ray and hi-def were standardised, the fact is that the blu-ray is still quite good.

Video quality is excellent for the added scenes (created and rendered in hi-def natively), and still quite good for the older material (created, and re-rendered in slightly lesser hi-def, but still better than DVD). Granted, there are a few minor artifacts in that upscaling, but it's really just to the point of picking at nits. It is definitely better than the DVD release (even when upscaled on an expensive Oppo, which supposedly has the best DVD upscaler on the market), and better than many other blu-rays, period.

And I would be remiss if I did not mention that the high definition audio is still far and away better,as long as you have the equipment to play it well.

And beyond that, there are added/extended scenes (an extra 26 minutes, which brings total runtime to 2 hours) which greatly add to the story, especially for the unitiated.