dealsstaples coupon - $25.00 off on logitech keyboards…


What does this mean by desktop? Any chance it applies to speakers?


Hey, this could be used towards a gaming mouse... Too bad I already bought mine

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I think by "desktop" it means mouse/keyboard combos. This, for example: (which is $43 and qualifies!)


I purchased the Logitech Anywhere mouse yesterday (couldn't find it on their website though); it's on sale for $49.99 (regular price $59.99), so half price with the coupon. Plus, some have had luck combining that coupon with the $5 off $30 (Google it if you need; I had one in Sunday's circular), making this mouse just over $21 tax included. Now technically, that coupon shouldn't have been accepted, but someone here at work also bought one and used both coupons, yesterday, in Paramus NJ.