dealsroku 3 streaming player for $89.99 + free shipping


I suspect a lot of these will be flooding the market with the Google Chromecast now per-ordering at $35

Yes they're different, but it has potential to render Roku and WD live boxes less than desired....


It's going to take a while for Chromecast to catch up. It does 4 things right now if memory serves- youtube, google play, netflix, and something else I can't remember. Pandora is inbound eventually but until it hits Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and HBOGo, I'm not particularly interested.


@theflatline: I can't find it right now, but it does do screen mirroring (don't remember the actual full term they used though) according to the review I read earlier. I remember because it said it is how a few other devices get around the restrictions Hulu and other sites have with streaming to a TV.


@marvals: You didn't actually follow the links, did you? There is no deal there. Both your supplied links are just aggregate pricers and the actual prices do not exist.


The headphone jack saved my marriage.

vote-for1vote-against reviewed this when it first came out and said it wasn't a neccessary upgrade from the Roku 2. That isn't true, my old Roku 2 XS used to freeze up and take forever to load local Plex content and streaming video (netflix and hulu plus were the worst).

I was lucky to find a repackaged Roku 3 at Target for $70, and it is a crazy huge difference. Loads videos super fast and it only froze up once, but that could have been due to a corrupt video file.

Plus the ethernet actually works on this one, my Roku 2 wouldn't connect to my router 90% of the time.


Bought one. I have been watching for a while to get a good price on the 3. I have the 2XS and I love it. No problems connecting, I use it over my smart TV. Easier to use.


I have the Roku XS and love it....but yesterday I bought the Chromecast....I have all androids so I think I am going to enjoy it even more.


There is still a listing for $89.99 BUT there's a $59.99 shipping charge for that one!


@slothful1: Yes! My wife sleeps like 10 - 11 hours a night on the weekends, I only need like 5-6. Every remote should have that headphone jack now.

The Roku 3 blows my WDTVs out of the water. I never quite got anything to stream anything from my computers to my WDTV. Plex works flawlessly with the Roku 3.


Best purchase I've made in a long time, and I say that already having a full HTPC in place. Great interface, picture quality, and responsiveness.


@marvals: what the precise url? It doesn't come up first try, just generic Rokus