deals2-pack wool gloves for $5.99 + free shipping


Wool maybe I'll try a few pairs !


It should be reiterated that this is for 2 gloves, not 2 pairs.


That's a bit deceiving it makes it sound like two pairs.


No sizes available. One size fits all might look like a catchers mitt on my wife.


Post is deceptive. Title implies it is for two PAIR. Image implies it is for FOUR pairs. Poster and/or seller should be banned/blocked temporarily, imho. Learn to proof-read or clarify properly.


@faaaaq: Poster should be blocked? Geez! I just copied and pasted the text from the deal!

I believe that the deal is for two PAIR of gloves! That is what the site has offered in the past, despite the wording on the post. If not, then I can only apologize and suggest that you just don't buy them. If anyone cares enough, just contact Tanga customer support and check it out. Personally, I am leaving for a cruise and don't have time to share any answers I might receive if I contact them.

The picture shows all FOUR of the options when selecting the gloves you purchase. Nothing unusual about that. The same kind of picture is shown when other multiple option items are offered.

"Learn to proof-read or clarify properly." Seriously? If @geekling hadn't posted his interpretation of the deal (and he could be correct, but I didn't see it that way), I doubt that anyone else would have seen this as a problem.

Please think twice before suggesting that someone be banned. Geez!


@belyndag: Actually, it says so right on Tanga's website, under the Details section:

"Includes two (2) wool gloves of color choice"

So it is in fact for only 1 pair of glove, or 2 gloves.


Love the harsh punishment from someone who hasn't added a deal in the the 5 years since joining. Hilarious.


Took a chance on these and was happy to receive 2 PAIR. Less happy to find these are only 10% wool (w/80% acrylic, 10% spandex).


@woot1234: Well thanks for clearing THAT up! It WAS two pair!!!


I bought this as well and it was two pair. Per the comments I ordered two sets because I wanted two pairs of gloves and ended up with four so now I have a set in the house and one in the car.


@first2summit: If you were watching a Football game, but had never played yourself, if the QB turns around and runs towards the wrong endzone, are you not allowed to say he did the wrong thing? Same thing.

Also, JFYI, I come HERE to find deals. If I found a deal somewhere else that wasn't crap, maybe I would post it. If you would like I can post a new deal linking to a deal I found here. Would that be sufficient enough to join the magical club of elitist contributors?