dealsfirst aid by american red cross - app for android…


Also available free in the google Play store for those of you (like me) who aren't fans of the Amazon app store.


@psaux: Given a choice, I'll take the Google Play store over the Amazon Store any day.

One question if anyone has an answer. I have multiple android devices. When I go to the Google Play website (using the link above), I can hit the install button and then it asks me which of the devices I want to install it. I pick the device and it does install automatically.

So how do I install it on a second device? The only way I can figure out how is to open up the play store on the second device and do it manually. It's just so convenient using the website but I cannot determine a way to do this.


@cengland0: When I download apps, it automatically installs to all of my registered devices. Have you checked the apps on your second device to see if they are there, or have you registered the device? When you are on the second device, just go to the store and select the app and it should say "already installed." Good luck.


@oscaroni: Yes, all the devices are registered. There are 4 items total and they all appear when I press the install button. I then get to select a single item to install it.

I can go to the other three devices and the program is absolutely without a doubt not there. I have to install it by going to the google play store and downloading it manually.

If it's a paid app, it shows that I already paid for it. If it's a free app, I just install it as usual on all the other three devices.

What I was asking is if there was a way to install this on a second device through the google play website.


@oscaroni: Oops, never mind. I'm stupid or something. Seems they fixed this and I didn't notice. In case anyone else is interested:

1. Go back to the google play website and you will see that it's installed already.

2. Click on the Installed button. Previously this would allow you to uninstall or something else but did not give you a list of other devices. Now it does.

3. Use the pull-down where it says "Choose another device on which to install" and select the second device. Then press the grey Install button.

4. It should now install on the second device.