dealsthink geek hoodie sale


Woot friends! I have a gift to share with three lucky people. I have three codes for $10 off of a $60+ order from Think Geek. First come, first serve.
Enjoy, geek out and Woot on!



I bought the soft kitty hoodie from them. :3

It's /incredibly/ soft, and made from rather high-quality fabrics. Definitely recommended.


For any ladies interested in buying any of the guy's hoodies - they are HUMUNGOUS. A size small is probably a 2-3X in women's sizes.


just take my money already... ugh there just had to be an awesome Minecraft hoodie.. (way overpriced even on sale), but I couldn't help it...



ThinkGeek is great but these prices don't look much better than the prices they usually offer on these things. The suggested retail prices are a bit bloated. I bought the captain America hoodie for 49.99 before with no sale.

It is true that the Mark Ecko hoodie are of a better quality for right around the same price. I own some of each and the ecko is much thicker!


@mattlaird111: I had an issue with a Christmas order (arrived late, and didn't think at the time it was coming at all), but it was more UPS' fault than ThinkGeek's. To their credit, they dispatched a replacement order via 2nd Day Air, free of charge, and told me to keep both orders if the first one ever showed (which it did).


I'm confused. Where's the woot-worthy deal in this? I want to see a product and a price. "We're having a sale!" is just an advertisement. X% off isn't much better.


@mattlaird111: Only once did I get an incorrect item, and it wasn't their fault. The supplier had changed the design. They took it back without a problem.

Never received a broken anything from them.


@mattlaird111: I've never had in a problem form them in 7 years or so.


Just to be clear, the Star Wars hoodies are not much the better quality Mark Ecko designs available at shopecko


I have ordered from Think Geek and never had any issues. However they are not always the cheapest. I picked up one of those Captain American hoodies as a gift at Hot Topic the week before Christmas for $25 and they had a full line of Marvel hoodies and a few others on this list. Granted I probably won't see that price again.


@kattotang: +1. I've been shopping with them for maybe five years - dozens of orders. They sent me the wrong item once. They fixed it immediately when I notified them. I've never received a faulty item.


@mattlaird111: Huh, I ordered multiple items from them during the holiday season and had no problems whatsoever.


Every time I order something from Think Geek, there's always some type of issue with my order, be it a broken electronic, wrong item shipped to me, etc. I don't think I'll ever order from them again.


Prices range from $23.79 to $81.99(not counting the coats on the same page). Shipping seems to start at $6.74, at least for me.


Captain America, and Venom are pretty cool!