dealsthink geek hoodie sale


Captain America, and Venom are pretty cool!


Prices range from $23.79 to $81.99(not counting the coats on the same page). Shipping seems to start at $6.74, at least for me.


Every time I order something from Think Geek, there's always some type of issue with my order, be it a broken electronic, wrong item shipped to me, etc. I don't think I'll ever order from them again.


@mattlaird111: Huh, I ordered multiple items from them during the holiday season and had no problems whatsoever.


@kattotang: +1. I've been shopping with them for maybe five years - dozens of orders. They sent me the wrong item once. They fixed it immediately when I notified them. I've never received a faulty item.


I have ordered from Think Geek and never had any issues. However they are not always the cheapest. I picked up one of those Captain American hoodies as a gift at Hot Topic the week before Christmas for $25 and they had a full line of Marvel hoodies and a few others on this list. Granted I probably won't see that price again.


Just to be clear, the Star Wars hoodies are not much the better quality Mark Ecko designs available at shopecko


@mattlaird111: I've never had in a problem form them in 7 years or so.


@mattlaird111: Only once did I get an incorrect item, and it wasn't their fault. The supplier had changed the design. They took it back without a problem.

Never received a broken anything from them.


I'm confused. Where's the woot-worthy deal in this? I want to see a product and a price. "We're having a sale!" is just an advertisement. X% off isn't much better.


@mattlaird111: I had an issue with a Christmas order (arrived late, and didn't think at the time it was coming at all), but it was more UPS' fault than ThinkGeek's. To their credit, they dispatched a replacement order via 2nd Day Air, free of charge, and told me to keep both orders if the first one ever showed (which it did).


ThinkGeek is great but these prices don't look much better than the prices they usually offer on these things. The suggested retail prices are a bit bloated. I bought the captain America hoodie for 49.99 before with no sale.

It is true that the Mark Ecko hoodie are of a better quality for right around the same price. I own some of each and the ecko is much thicker!


just take my money already... ugh there just had to be an awesome Minecraft hoodie.. (way overpriced even on sale), but I couldn't help it...



For any ladies interested in buying any of the guy's hoodies - they are HUMUNGOUS. A size small is probably a 2-3X in women's sizes.


I bought the soft kitty hoodie from them. :3

It's /incredibly/ soft, and made from rather high-quality fabrics. Definitely recommended.


Woot friends! I have a gift to share with three lucky people. I have three codes for $10 off of a $60+ order from Think Geek. First come, first serve.
Enjoy, geek out and Woot on!