dealskingston 16gb 1600mhz ddr3 sdram kit (new) for…


@ss11s: Are you asking if this is for a laptop? If so, nope. This is desktop ram, and not a bad price for 16 GB. Kingston tends to have pretty decent reviews of their products, and if I didn't already have the ram, I would certainly consider buying this.

Pretty good deal.


its about time for woot to post that HP deal with 16GB of ram, i'd buy that instead.


FYI, this isn't for the most recent intel systems--Sandy or Ivy Bridge. HyperX ram runs at a higher voltage than is recommended by Intel. Intel recommends 1.5v and under. This is more meant for AMD systems.


Maybe I'm missing something, but isn't this the same ram for cheaper at newegg?


I built an AMD system, and I'm using this memory myself. Works great, excellent performance.


@carrottop432: even better, this one will be going on sale in a few hours (1:00PM - 2:59PM PT) for $65.


Yes, the newegg RAM is the same, for a better price. Shame on you Woot!



"Each module kit has been tested to run at DDR3-1600 at a low latency timing of
10-10-10 at 1.5V.The SPD's are programmed to JEDEC standard latency DDR3-1333 timing of 9-9-9 at 1.5V"

Only thing really here to draw away from using in a newer Intel system is lack of XMP support. Most 'normal' users, however, aren't going to really notice or care about such support.

Also of note:

If you check specifically for the model number in this kit, Kingston shows that it's been tested and is recommended for Z77 systems.


@carrottop432: I don't understand the up-voting either. This is really not a 'deal' for CL10 RAM. You can get a lot of other branded sticks with the same specs for cheaper:

Even Mushkin!

There's also the psychological issue with 16GB/1600MHz/CL10 memory. It will only take you to 7.8 on Windows 7 WEI scores. Practically it doesn't matter, but I know at least one person who sold these and bought a 1600Mhz/CL9 for this reason alone (the latter scores a full 7.9).

Perhaps the upvotes are to encourage Woot to sell more computer components, which I would like too, but not at these prices.


If this price was $30 cheaper, we would have a deal... $90 is an insane amount to charge for 16gb of ram, especially when it's just average quality...


@chiquita: You can use it, without a doubt. But running at ddr3 1333 by default. You might as well buy much cheaper ram if you are going to do that.

Running at 1600 1.5v would most likely be unstable. Theres cheaper/better ram for Ivy/Sandy