dealsplus size drink dispenser on stand for $18.99…


I wonder how much this holds. Even their website does not say.


Look at the picture and notice how high the tap is above the bottom of the container. There's a reason there's a big discount on this.


@bnbsouthworth: They do give dimensions which indicate the capacity must be less than 5.5 gallons, and given the shape, much less. I'd guess it's probably somewhere between 1 to 2 gal.


Mostly good things said about the product; minus the placement of the spigot. And a couple complaints about the spigot breaking... :-(


I've gone through a couple of returns on things like this. They always seem to leak from the spout's seal.


@cjm6502: I noticed that too, but it's still a really good deal. These go at my local kitchen shop for $80 or so. You can toss some of those "glass oval things" (I'm sure they have a name but it eludes me at the moment) or soap rocks in the bottom to fix that. I'm planning to use them to infuse alcohol, which you can keep adding more vodka or whatever you prefer to. It actually works out better if you never completely empty it and keep the batch rotating.