dealszumreed x2 hybrid headphones – headphones…


Who the heck did the copywriting for this item? You think beheading is "funny"?


way too expensive, have to admit I've never heard of headphones that turn into external speakers.


27 downvotes and nary a comment to explain why? Seems like a pretty awesome product to me, despite the steep price. But... If they're high quality headphones, that's hardly surprising.


There are so many negative votes because everyone knows at least one person who would abuse these. As in "That guy" who would use them to prove how trendy and cool his music is. Yeah, that guy.


Surprised to find that there are at least three Wooters that find beheading funny. Some people are really sick.


A buck twenty for headphones produced by a company I've never heard of? Uh yeah.


I can't wait til these start showing up on the bus/train commute.