dealssandisk 32 gb microsdhc class 4 memory card for…


Never heard of this store. Anyone know anything about it? They have 1 review at and it's bad.


@eneref: I haven't ordered from them myself, but their rep is an active member of this community, I have never seen any problems reported by other wooters, and their deals are often popular, so I would try them, myself. I thought I remembered some complaining about slow shipping, but I couldn't find that either, and I may be mistaken. I did a questions side search, using every combination of pejorative terms I could think of here, and didn't find squat.


@eneref: I have ordered fron them before, but it has been awhile. I can report NO problems.


I have ordered from them a few times without problems.

But usually their shipping charges make me change my mind about ordering...


@eneref: Mostly for future reference: they've been here a long time, and I've seen no complaints about them except that their shipping is high enough that it usually makes their good prices less attractive.