dealsmicrosoft arc keyboard white usb rf wireless mini…


@pz@woot: Yes, its the Camera Connection Kit from Apple, $29

Comes with two adaptors; USB to 30 pin and SD card to 30 pin.

Does a bunch of trick things I hear.


@bukzin: what USB adapter? Does it plug into the apple connector?


I bought one of these last year (full price, of course...). Great and comfortable keyboard, but with one irritating feature that lead me to plop it in the spare parts bin. The directional arrows are all on one little four-way rocker key. If you work with forms, etc., a lot, that can drive you nuts, as its uncomfortable to use - pushing on the edges of the (did I say little) key to move around. Otherwise, it was a joy to type on.


@pz@woot: I think you can plug a keyboard in to the USB port on the Wii (or in this case, plug in the USB dongle).


This is a great deal and I was looking for one too. Can't beat the timing on this one. Don't hesitate if you need a keyboard.


Looks like it does do the ipad.

Just place order for 2.

$32.15 with tax and shipping included

Woot, Woot!


I have an ipad2 with the USB adaptor plug.

Will this work for me?


Work with Wii? Think that's just BlueTooth.


OMG I've been wanting one of these for FOREVER thank you!


Awesome deal. I don't exactly need another keyboard...but $15 shipped for a wireless keyboard? I'll find a use for it! =D

(It may be kind of sad, but I'm serious!)


Great buy. Wish there wasn't a rebate tho.