deals4 gb usb flash drive cuff links for $19.99…


I bought these 2 or 3 weeks ago & gave it a try before wrapping them back up for a stocking stuffer. The 4 gigs are in one cufflink only (which is fine) and my PC saw it like any other flash drive. The problem is taking it OUT. It required a pair of pliers--the drive is tiny and smooth w/ nothing to get ahold of--and I was very worried I'd scratch it. Still fun as a novelty, but otherwise quite impractical.


Too bad they're so big. Yes, big. these are quite a lot larger than an in-the-port micro sd card adapter like the one I bought recently. Something like this: And yes they are a pain sometimes to remove. Something that small for a laptop though, you can just leave it in and it still will slip into the bag fine. Something that would otherwise be an interesting james-bond type data smuggler is given away by the "brick on your sleeve" that these appear to be.