dealsusb home travel charger for $0.94 + free shipping


Good deal, but be careful. The shipping in the shopping cart defaults to $1.99, you have to manually select the free shipping, it's easy to miss.


Also, is currently priced at $3.99, not 94 cents.


I've seen this one on coupon at this price a few times. Reviews are not encouraging...


@lparsons42: tattle? i thought that would be for something bad?


Wow, out of stock for over FOURTEEN HOURS, tattled and STILL here.. I wonder why they keep deals like this around so much longer? Relationship with the company maybe?


@jackruby: Not necessarily. It can be a flag when something should be RIP'd or if the price is wrong/changed. Since deals change and items can be sold out, it doesn't necessarily look bad for the OP.

However, it's good for the community because it helps weed out expired deals. And tattling improves your rep, if that matters at all.


@drchops: I'll expire it, I dont have a relationship with merit line except I like cheap crap.... I work full time and go to college so my time is not spent on here except for early in am


@commodog: Haha, yeah me too :D.. Last time I counted I had like 20 pages of cheap crap from them.

I just thought it was strange an uber-popular deal like this that's been tattled on multiple times over a 14 hour period would probably have been noticed once or twice heh

Thanks for the exp.