deals1000w factory gas generator for $119.57


This may seem like a great deal, but a 1000 watt generator really won't do much for you.
It might keep a couple of lights on, but it won't even run a fan for one of those blowers for a jump house that you rent for your kids.
It certainly won't keep your fridge going in a power outage.


True- the capacity of this is quite low, so it's not as if it will run your house. It will, however, run a portable fridge (Engel, etc) or several lights. It will run your TV so you can monitor weather conditions during a power outage.You can't run heaters off this or large refrigerators etc.
It's better than nothing and portable, except that at this price it might not be reliable at all being a no-name import from China.
I have a Honda 1000 generator and it DOES actually power the blower for the kids' bounce house just fine. We use it several times every summer. The blower does start slow for a couple seconds, but doesn't draw enough to pop the breaker.