dealsthe big bang theory soft kitty plush w/ 10$ off…


Soft kitty,
warm kitty,
little ball of fur.
Happy kitty,
sleepy kitty,
purr, purr, purr


Not free shipping on this... $25.90 after coupon code. Not much of a deal...



gotta read the whole line:
Free shipping - in the US with $60 purchase


@adonisseraph: $25.90 is still the best deal i've seen for this item.. free shipping is with $60 it sings lol


i bought one at think geeks for $24.99 but im really not about to price shop for 91 cents difference... Not a bad deal at all really, just would be buying another as a gift if the shipping wasnt there... Great post though, not baggin just thought id point out that its not free shipping on just soft kitty. Going to sit on it.. prolly buy it later tonight lol


ugh so that show isn't going anywhere is it? unbelievable that kid won emmys and Steve Carell never got one


This is great. I'd love to have one - but sadly, I'm to cheap to pay $25 or more for a stuffed animal that would just clutter up my house. Guess I'll go without.

Thanks for posting


My MeeMaw will love this.


My MeeMaw is dead... oh wait, she's not!


Three of the most feared words in the English language: "Penny, I'm sick."