deals6” tanto knife, horn handle, etched spine…


I own one of these. Top knife in the photo.

Nice knife. Small. Sharp. Blade is approx 3/16ths thick. Sheath is heavy leather with good stitching. This is one of four knives I've bought from this vendor. (Wound up purchasing a the S-knife with olive wood handle that was offered last weekend. That knife was in my mailbox this Friday, less than a week after being ordered.) My first purchase from this vendor several months back was a little aggravating in terms of waiting for shipment as they seemed to be caught be surprise with the order volume but the three knives bought since then have all been shipped and arrived in good time.

Steel in these knives is 1095 high carbon and 15N20. Common combo for pattern welded Damascus. I'm almost certain that these knives are made in the US by CFK from imported German steel. Definitely not India/Pakistan. Nice finish, good rivet work. Holds an edge.


@mypooka: Just took a couple of pics for comparison purposes and size illustration....

Mini-tanto and S-knife 1:

Mini-tanto and S-knife 2:


I bought one of these last time they were offered. The sheath is poorly designed, the underside of the clasp is metal and rubs the knife. Mine arrived with a bad scuff from the clasp. I sent an email to them, and they would not replace it. I would avoid these.


Ok, on the clasp...

Clasp isn't an issue for me. The clasp is a standard M500 type brass snap with spring.

Pardon the quality of the following pics. All but one were taken without flash and freehand. Still should show the clasp adequately:

Mini-tanto in sheath with clasp open and back 1

Mini-tanto in sheath with clasp open and back 2 (Flash photo)

Mini-tanto clasp closeup 1

Mini-tanto clasp closeup 2

Mini-tanto clasp closeup 3

Mini-tanto clasp closeup 4

Mini-tanto in sheath with clasp closed 1


@mypooka: Replying to myself because I ran out of characters in the last post.

If the clasp is an issue, seems like gluing a small bit of felt or leather on the underside would be an easy fix. My knives have all arrived undamaged and the clasp isn't a problem for me. I actually do stuff with my knives and I expect them to show wear from use. The mini-tanto and mini-dagger do show wear (as in scratches) on the buffalo horn handles, largely because these handles are fairly polished and glossy, and like all glossy black surfaces they show everything. (Think "glossy black cell phone" or "glossy black laptop" and you'll know what I mean.)

These knives are sturdy, thick, sharp working blades. I don't think they are of collector/display class (and for the price, who would?), but they are good quality blades. You'd be hard pressed to buy unfinished Damascus blanks for the same price.

For the record: I am not affiliated in any way with the seller. Just a customer. Nothing more.


@mypooka: Hey Pooka. Why do you buy so many knives? How many knives do you own anyway?


@romberry: Why? Because they're there. :)

Seriously though, knives are just one of my things. Same deal with LED flashlights (another product I own way too many of.) It's not so much that I fancy myself a collector because I don't, and since I don't own any of what I'd call collectible quality knives, that's just as well.

How many do I own? Well, excluding various kitchen/culinary knives....lots. I really don't know quite how many and to gather them all up and count would be an adventure unto itself.

On these Kinfeco offerings (since that's what this is all about), I will say just say that they are very nice knives for the money. Serious cutting implements. If you want to know who makes them and where, my guess is that a Google search for CFK Cutlery will provide the answer. (I'm not 100% sure that it's CFK, but I'm reasonably certain that it is for a number of reasons.)


@mypooka: Thanks for posting honest information and reviews about the blades. Send us an email on the site and I would like to thank you. I know it is easy for people to dig on things but its nice to have a non-biased 3rd party give an honest review.

I am not going to get into posting on these threads but can guarantee you we take great care of our customers and stand behind the products we sell. As far as I got a scuff on my horn handle well that's going to happen and that is why people learn to polish. If you own silver you understand these things. Natural products require some elbow grease if you want to keep them nice. We are happy to refund or repair any issues that are due to manufacturing defects or material defects.


@straightrazor: No problem. I don't mind posting an informed opinion, especially in response to a lot of opinions that seem to have a questionable basis from my perspective. The community here at Woot! is often very helpful but at other times it's....interesting. (Sent an email your way via your site's contact form about fifteen or twenty minutes ago.)


So the only good opinion is a positive one? I own close to a hundred knives. I don't care if it costs 15 or 500, it should arrive in ( new) condition. For anyone to say that it is okay to accept damaged goods, our an idiot. And for your information, I fixed the sheath and use the knife. I just don't buy again from people that screw me!


All those pics. And your not affiliated with Right!