deals20% off sitewide + free shipping


WOOT! asks, "Doesn’t “shod” sound like it should be a dirty word?"

As in, shod off mate?


In for a pair of Vans. $9 discount.


Bought some shoes last time... just a warning - they don't operate as smoothly as other shoe sites as far as quickness and ordering (I had an order get mixed up, but I called them and they fixed it, no problem), but I got all my shoes eventually and returned one pair. Waiting on them to receive and refund for those. The deal (20% off) worked great for me because I buy large shoes that rarely if ever go on sale.

I don't know if it was just the christmas rush, but it took several weeks for all the boxes (I ordered 6 pairs) to slowly roll in... they were almost all shipped separately.


20% off sitewide... except for those on a rather long list of brands. Tis a shame, since there's a nice pair of Merrell boots I've been eyeing and this would have been a great deal on them. Guess I'll have to keep looking.



How'd you manage to apply the discount to a pair of Vans shoes? I try to order slip-ons and it was rejected. This happened on the last sale too, despite it missing from the exclusion list...


@l7d4n: I tried it on a couple of different Vans styles and it seemed to work. Definitely worked for the ones I ordered: Vans, Men's Classic Slip-On EC1200281 Price $45 (-$9 discount). Maybe try it again and apply promo code in your cart? Good luck.


Ordered 1 pair on Monday 1/21 - received exactly what I ordered on Saturday 1/26 via US Post. Good quick free shipping and no problems. Next sale I will pick up another couple of pairs.