dealswonderful pistachios - 16 ounce bag for $4.99


Worst brand of Pistachios. I always get duds in these and some of them taste funky. Might be a good deal but definitely a pass.


@wayne626: I must disagree... I wonder if the bags you got were simply old (been on the shelf too long).

I've been buying 3 lb bags of these at Sam's Club for a while now and might get two or three bad nuts per bag. Overall, they're awesome.
The ones I got at BJ's (different brand) however, all tasted very "off" with many being hard and nasty. I'm not sure if they were overripe or what. I'm sticking with Wonderful!


From the same POM people (cranberries) and FuJi water (ripping off the locals) are California nuts that you can buy at Kroger, Sams Club and other locals. I found them salty and with random bad nuts. I'll pass this time.


@glabifrons: Interesting. I bought some unshelled pistachios at Sams Club a while back and they were so bad I haven't bought any there since. I didn't know this was the brand. Just saying that was my experience.


I tend to buy Wonderful Pistachios as the quality is very consistent with few bad or sealed nuts. After all the bad reviews on Nice brand, I won't even try them. I have tried other brands but they seem to have more sealed nuts and off tasting ones.


Wonderful is the best brand of pistachios I've found so far. I had a bag of Planters pistachios and every single one of them tasted funky.


@wayne626: Never bought any brand that did not have some duds or some funky nuts in the bag but this brand is as good as any I've tried.


I've had this brand several times. I've never run into any issues with the quality of the nuts -- sure, there's a few bad ones every bag, but it's overall a pretty delicious set.


There is no quantity limit if you buy them in-store. My local Walgreen's had regular or low sodium at the sale price, and several varieties of the almonds. It's a great deal.


Chili pistachios. Yum. Not that chili lime stuff either.


Price back up to $7.99. :-(