dealsthe laundry pod - zero electricity washer…


You have to sign up to check the deal out.


Been waiting forever for a POD deal; half off is deadly-sweet.
HOO-ray for me.

Signed, secretly hippie person -hah!


stupid pop up wont go away and let you see the deal!!!


@miniskunk: The deal is HERE. You are seeing it. If you are interested in buying then go to Fab and sign up. You have to sign up to buy anyway.

Costco even charges people to see anything inside. What's the big deal?


@acorona4ever: Yes, it would. All you need to do is putting in your shopping email address. That's all. Be resourceful.

And from above, you can see that someone else also realize how great of a deal this is. If you are interested...well...


@lll0228: The big deal is I don't just give my email address to anysite that asks for it. I dislike websites that won't allow me to visit unless I tell them my personal info. I have enough spam in my inbox as it is. Unless I have decided to do business with them, they don't need it.