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If your order total is $20 or more, shipping will be free, and if you use the $5 coupon code provided in the other deal, then you'll get that, too.

I added on another item to do that, and there was no problem with stacking to get this free item, the $3 B-complex vitamin deal, my other item, and free shipping. Got a $36.16 order for $21.02 (savings of $15.14.)


The cross-referenced deal may need to be the link of origin if you will have the automatic $5.00 discount (first time buyers at the site), but you can have the reduced product price of the deal ($3.00 for a full sized product until 10AM Pacific Time Monday) without the discount either way. If you use the other deal's link as the link of origin the discount will apply, and likewise the free price for the trial size of this deal would be available to you on the site without returning to get an additional deal.

If you want to manually enter the code to get the discount you can do so, by typing into the coupon code box zoz213. This code zoz213 will not expire and can be used for this deal or any other product when you purchase from the site the first time. The $5.00 discount applies for any first time customer and no minimum purchase. If your total purchase is below $5.00 then your discount will be up to the purchase price.