deals75% off torch lighters: xikar, blackwatch, black…


Somewhat deceptive pricing, they're only sold as two-packs, so they end up being $15-$20.


@captstack: Staffer @hizzo87 wrote the "deceptive pricing" in the title, not Unholycocktail. It IS stated properly in the description, though.


Also all of these torch lighters need high refined butane- the regular white Rosonal can won't work, you need the Colibri can. I have a FireBird by Colibri, form back when they were $75 and figured the high refined thing was a marketing thing to sell their own butane... it's not.
They also use fuel fast... be warned.


@rroberto: That must only be with the colibri, the black ops alpha lighters that I have owned have all used regular rosanol butane just fine.


Hey guys, if I was to purchase a pack of these lighters, which would you suggest?

I'd use it typically for lighting up a cigar, and just to have around.