dealsquiznos: buy one sub and get one for $1 + more


Link doesn't work for me......just blank page.
FF 12 w/ADP.


@jjeff: fine for me. Did your address bar put the .aspx at the end?


The small sub is very small and given their high prices for a regular sub, this is a rip off.


Yum. a Quiznos sub. Ever notice that the sub comes with about 25% of the meat as in the pictures? Wouldn't even waste one buck on the "small" sub let alone spend a buck on a "regular" sub!!! Save your money.


@jjeff: try holding down the "Shift" key as you click on the link. Or right-click, and choose "print in new window"


@revvian: Thanks, that one works :)
@johaze: Shift key only opens up a new browser but it's still blank with the first link.
@dmaz: Yes, .aspx is on the end of my blank page....
@grimor: IE might work but I really prefer FF unless I'm totally forced to, which I was not in this case after the second link :)
@kingfish46815: Quizons small sub is 5" compared to Subway which is 6". If you get the small and add basically all the free fixings(assuming you like it) it manages to fill me up. If you get one very plane I agree it's hardly filling. $5 for a Subway footlong is hard to beat but I really prefer Quizons flavor and crispy bread :)