dealsatari flashback 4 classic game console for $79.49…


How is this a deal? My wife got this for either 40 or 50 bucks from dollar general months ago...



valid point; Dollar General, Walgreens, and Family Dollar usually offer this periodically for $30-50, the lowest being black friday, etc.

It seem's like there's a price hike on these online after these aren't on sale, and they become more "difficult" to find in stores, A similar Sega Genesis model was on sale for $30, then once the sale ended, the online price sky-rocketed to nearly double.

That being said, some reviews on these systems aren't great...well not enough to justify the inflated price anyway; most complaints are on the controllers, mainly they have to be aimed directly at the system 100% perfectly, or some being DOA


got the sega genesis version over a month ago for $29.99


Not a deal at this price, sorry.