dealsthe dark knight trilogy: limited edition giftset…


@manichawk: D'oh. I made my girlfriend get this for me for Christmas from Amazon a few days ago when it was still $30-something. Nobody tell my girlfriend!


I wonder if I keep holding out if the price will drop to $19.99... it's slowly making it's way there!


I got this when it was on sale on Amazon last week or whatever. It's actually really nice. Comes with a book that has a bunch of movie shots in it. Also the ultraviolet digital versions in case anyone is in to that, though I've yet to find myself compelled to use it.

But it's a pretty good deal considering one is a new release and all are good movies with some little bonuses some might enjoy.


@mburkee: When Entangled Atomic Particle Communication and Holographic Quantum Memory ( goes mainstream, they'll probably hit the $5 bins.


I also got this while it was on sale last week. Keep in mind there's price matching every where (Walmart,Best Buy,Toys R Us) if you don't want to wait for it to come in.