dealspfaltzgraff® everyday dinnerware set, 32 piece…


@faughtey: Hope it's okay that I snuck this in ahead of you. I just couldn't resist them. They go with my kitchen (I have these exact roosters on curtains at my window).


@shrdlu: I don't post this deal tonight because I'm off.


@faughtey: Perfect! Then I don't have to feel guilty. I just bought these; I couldn't resist them, and I figured as long as I was buying, I might as well make it a deal. I looked for one from you, and this explains why there wasn't one.

I don't even know where I'm going to put them. ;-}

For others who might care, shipping on this was $17.95 less an $8.00 discount, so $9.95. They always seem to knock close to half off the shipping.


Why am I directed to a Farberware Cutlery set? Something is amiss!


@chuckreichert: That's WHY this deal has an RIP where the votes used to be. It's over. That site has deals that expire at midnight East coast time. The Farberware you are seeing is today's deal.