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I know that nobody will pay any attention because when I was young I wouldn't/didn't either, but now that I am well over 40 my hearing is so bad that I have to turn the tv up to maximum volume to hear it well enough to understand most of what is said, although even at that I miss enough words that I have to have closed captioning on or I wouldn't be able to watch tv at all.

I have hearing aids that cost almost $3,000 but my hearing loss is bad enough that in order to see much improvement in my hearing I have to turn the volume on the aids up so high that they screech or whistle so I don't wear them.

And 90% of the hearing loss is because I ALWAYS just blasted my music AND because I used earbuds. Even headphones would have caused the sound vibrations to be too close to my inner ear when I played it loud but earbuds made it worse.


I use earbuds at a low volume to reduce wind noise on my motorcycle. My tinnitus has improved. I used to wear over ear headphones; Beats by Dre Solo's, combined with a loud exhaust and I developed tinnitus. I have put my stock exhaust back on to save my hearing.

I no longer get pain in my ear when people talk or make sounds with dishes.

Get well soon.


FYI a number of the colors are available for this price, but be careful as some are also $14.95.


@donslin: If you're only 40 and have to used closed captioning, that seems to stem from hereditary hearing loss more than excessive noise exposure.


$11.98 shipping. What a farce!


@stipto: I can't speak to what the shipping is w/o Prime, but this item does get free shipping w/Amazon Prime or Free Super Saver Shipping (by spending $25 total on items shipped from Amazon).


@punkcrib: As I said, I am well over 40. You may have more expertise than they, but all 3 of the specialists (in 2 states) that have actually examined me disagree with your diagnosis.


@stunna735: I don't know where you live, but in many states it's illegal to wear headphones while driving, and in many cases even bicycling. Not to mention it's not safe!


@donslin: I'm 49, and used to put the speakers on either side of my head and lie there blasting music, because headphones didn't have enough bass, and my hearing is still good. Even as recently as a few years ago, I would sit on the floor with my back against my 12" powered subwoofer, in between my Bose 901s and listen to music at high volume. Now my KIDS tell me to turn it down! I'm not endorsing this, or saying you're not correct, and I believe your warning is accurate. It'll still fall on deaf ears (pun intended, sorry.) Ear buds of this type are a fairly recent development, and are probably MORE dangerous than older generation buds had those big plastic knobs that were supposed to fit in your ear, but didn't. I prefer these, and still love to crank the tunes, but in moderation...


@tcayer: @tcayer: Expected comment and legitimate concern. Stick your head out of your car window on the freeway and tell me if you can hear anything besides a torrent of air destroying your hearing.
Many helmets have built in headsets as well.
Having earplug or earbuds also reduces the amount of dirt that goes inside of the ear.
A motorcycle is not a 2 wheeled car nor is it a large bicycle.


Remember to buy ship & sold by amazon only to be sure you are getting authentic items and not replica.


@stunna735: I used to ride. I stopped because there are too many idiots out there. You don't have to be doing anything wrong, and you're just as dead because some old lady makes a left turn in front of you. I crank my tunes loud in the car, and still can hear a sound like a siren outside with the windows up.

I see bicyclists with ear buds all the time, and I even saw a guy in a car with big DJ style headphones on.

Regardless of the rationalization, or the safety issue, it's still illegal in many places, and will get you a ticket!


@stunna735: Oh, and it's been a while for me, but the helmets I saw years ago only had an earpiece on one side. I still have my license, but I haven't been on a motorcycle in over 20 years!


Back to the deal at hand- these seem like good headphones- the frequency response is 18-20K Hz. Many of the cheaper buds (including Klipsch,) have a low that starts at 100 Hz. I have a couple pairs in my Amazon cart until I find something to put it over $25!


I just got the 3 pairs that I ordered in black. I'm no audiophile...but they sounds fine to me :) and shipping was super fast.